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GUINTO Entertainment Productions launched the first ever Ms. and Mrs. Grand Universe, an international pageant with a cause at a press conference at UnliCity at Century, 

The event was led by beauty queens and mother-and-daughter tandem Mrs. Universe Philippines 2016 Jenny Guinto and World Supermodel Philippines 2017 Angela Janine Guinto Torres; and Bb. Pilipinas International 1994 Alma Concepcion who will be the official representative of the Philippines to the competition to be held in Manila from September 20-27, 2019.

Alma, who is also an actress, will undergo a series of gym workouts and pageant skills training at Kagandahang Flores pageant camp headed by Rodin Gilbert B.flores.

"I will carry my pageant experience including my stints in Miss Hawaiian Tropic International and Miss International, and for Ms. Grand Universe I will be building new friendships with more maturity and wisdom. 

"But I competed more than 25 years ago and I'm starting again like an empty cup so I will have to train with the experts for my new pageant journey. Gugulatin ko na lang kayo sa September!" exclaimed Alma.

Ms. and Mrs. Grand Universe hopes to gather 45 lovely and strong-willed women from all over the world to participate in this one-of-a-kind pageant which will become a platform for women who not only possess beauty, but most of all, the confidence and the caring heart staunchly advocating the welfare of women and children.

The pageant will have three categories: Ms. Grand Universe for women ages 25-45 years who are single moms or divorced with or without children; Mrs. Grand Universe, for married women ages25-45 years, with or without children; and Classic Grand Universe for women 46 years old and above, married or unmarried, widowed or divorced, with or without children.

Through the Ms. and Mrs. Grand Universe Pageant, the organizers aim to raise funds that will benefit some charitable institutions in the Philippines, specifically those that provide a home to abused or abandoned women and children.

Hosted by Onin Mas, the event was also grace by Mrs. Tourism International 2017 Dr. Risa Caldoza.

The pageant is presented by Guinto Entertay Productions in collaboration with consultant Megastar Production headed by Ovette Ricalde.

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